Which MX5 donor for Exocet?

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The standard Exocet is suitable for using MK1 MK2 with a 1.6 or 1.8 engine.
The standard Exocet kit uses MK1 seat runners and the radiator brackets are for the MK1 radiator. Therefore if using a MK2 or MK2.5 you will need to make brackets to mount a MK2 rad or source a MK1 rad and MK1 seat runners.
If using the MK2.5 you may have to cut a small hole in the bonnet for the VVT unit.

The Exocet 3 kit is for the MK3 cars with a 1.8 or 2.0 engine. This kit is supplied with an exhaust and front springs and uses the MK3 seat runners and radiator as standard.

To help you see which is which, only the MK1 has pop up headlights.
MK1 produced from 1989-1997
MK2 produced from 1998- 2005
MK3 produced from 2005- 2015

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