Filling in the IVA application form IVA 1C

1a application type tick "statutory".
1b enter; your details.
2a enter; your nearest test centre.
3a (ii) enter; MEV (VIN) chassis number.
3b enter; driver’s side under bonnet.
3c tick box A and include an amateur declaration form IVA 4 and copy of evidence of build e.g photo's and invoices.
4a enter; MEV Exocet.
4b enter; date the kit was completed.
4c tick; NO.
4d tick; NO.
4e tick; NO.
4f enter; sports car.
4g enter; engine number on your V5
4h enter; On engine block, they might find it.
4j tick; manual or auto.
4k enter; 2.
4m enter; as appropriate.
4n tick; non turbo unless you have fitted one.
4p tick; NO. Unless you have retained ABS.
4q NA
4r tick; petrol.
4s enter; 1600 or 1800cc.
4t enter; 4, in line.
4u enter; 115 BHP @ 6500 rpm. Or 132 BHP if 1.8 engine.
4v enter; 110 mph.
4w (i) axle 1 500 axle 2 500 gross 1000 train NA
4x tick; NO.
Go to part 9.
And don't forget to include copy V5, build pics, amateur built declaration form IVA 4 which cab be downloaded from;
Include a cheque or postal order for £450.
IVA applications can also be made online at


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