Wheel alignment on Exocet

A good starting point is to set the tracking to zero at the front and rear. When racing most drivers seem to prefer a small amount of toe in, that said I have heard of quite a few running with a total (both sides) of only 9 minutes which is so close to zero you would only notice on the limit, 60 minutes being one degree.

Camber at the front is often set slightly lower than the rear. A good start point is one degree of negative camber at the front and 1.5 on the rear. Negative means slightly further in at the top then the bottom. A spirit level is better than a guess.

If you have adjustable ride height suspension then try to start with the bottom wishbones level to the ground. Remember that if there is free play or slightly seized suspension bushings on one or more bones then you will not achieve a great deal by adjustment. Rear callipers are also a common problem, you might blame the dynamics but it is actually one caliper doing more work than another.

Tyre pressure also plays a big part. In theory you should run with 24-28 psi when cold, front and rear, as your Exocet is so much lighter than the MX5. If you are heating the tyres on a track day or race then check them after a hard couple of laps and drop them back to say 20-26 then; Suck it and see!

If you find yourself on the grass or gravel a lot you may need to lower the pressure on your right foot!

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