MOT failure or crash damaged donor?

MOT failure.
Careful, just make sure the fail sheet only refers to rust no the body that you are throwing away. Common failures are rear arches and sills, no worries as we don't want those bits for Exocet.

Rust on sub-frames and wishbones is normal, they usually clean up with a wire brush or sander and painted with black satin will look just fine.
Accident damaged.
Make sure you get a V5, you will need this for registration of your Exocet, otherwise you will be stuck with a Q plate.
One may assume that if it crashed it was running well before its demise, we don't want one that has bent sub-frames or wishbones though, replacing them is not worth the effort.
Road legal donor
This one can be tested to reveal any issues before you strip it. Maybe slightly more money but maybe worth it.

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