Do I require a brake upgrade for my Exocet?

MX5 brakes are just great, discs all around, cheap to buy new parts and very efficient especially considering they were designed to stop a car that is around 50% heavier than an Exocet.
Kit cars tend to have brakes that need a good shove and often fail IVA due to imbalance. BUT Exocet retains the servo and the brake balance is sorted so you have no worries for IVA or MOT's. The handbrake is great too.
Upgrades can make your car lighter, aluminium calipers are available and even drilled or grooved discs can shave a few ounces off. Plus they look cool, or you can paint the MX5 calipers, lots of options.


  • Mr Mills, those look great! If anyone is looking for a brake package for their Exocet, drop me a message. We can supply discs, pads, full braided hose kits, big brake upgrades and even OEM caliper refurbs. All have been tried and tested out there on track as well :smiley:

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