No welding required.

Most of the Exocet chassis go out powder coated, for this reason it is important that the builder is not expected to have to weld anything on a freshly finished chassis.

The rear brake pipe brackets are mounted on the rear subframe.
Front brake pipe brackets need careful positioning as it is very important that the steering does not cause the flexy pipes to contact moving parts when on full lock. For this reason we do not weld brackets on for the pipes. They are bolted to the edge of the subframe once wheels are attached to determine exact location, slight brake pipe length variation makes a big difference to the required location of the brackets. The brackets can be cut from the MX5 body and reused.

These are found in the front top corners of the chassis. They are not drilled and may require additional brackets bolting to them depending on which lights are used.

Items such as this plastic water container from the MX5 can be attached using a variety of fixings such as Rivnuts, rivets, self tap screws or tech screws. Tech screws with rubber washers stop them coming loose.

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