Need some advice to answer some queries we have please

Hi all,

Can anyone help with some answers to a few questions please? (Some are for IVA in the UK)

1) Wheel arches - for these to be level before fitting the arches to the stays, did everyone get their camber and castor sorted so the car sits flat or does it make no difference?
b) Some have made brackets with threaded tube etc to "lift" the wings up a bit higher and have cleaner fitment but by how much so as to still get a standard circumference tyre off?

2) Daytime running lights - are these needed for IVA? Not seen any completed cars with them yet.

3) IVA says that dipped lights cannot now be flat patterned but MOT says this id ok - I can't see many options that comply with IVA?

4) Rear fog (mine is a UK spec car) do I need to add some new electric box to control the fog not coming on or being left on?

5) Hazard switch - mine has a load of wires and I think I read that only 2 or 3 are now required on a single pole switch? Anyone able to confirm?

6) Lighting - can I use LED units at the back and LED mini side indicators and still use Halogen front units without having to add in LED control boxes or whatever?

7) I've got 25mm wheel spacers on at the moment so should i be looking to get some wheels that take the ET from whatever the Mazda runs - 25 down to zero? Ensuring the spigots are correct too?

Think that's enough to keep me going. We've got 3 more brackets to weld on and then we are looking to see if the car will start before sending the frame off to powder coat.

Exciting times - Cameron is really looking forward to seeing it back all coloured.

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