MEV VW Camper Van Conversions

Unique "pop-out" cabin, "pop-up" GRP roof system and "alu-store" aluminium cupboards.

The Volkswagen T series has been at the helm of the camper van market since its introduction in 1950. A strong reputation for quality and reliability ensures it remains the leader thus protecting residual values. The social scene is huge, Transporter is king.

Established in 2003, Mills Extreme Vehicles Ltd have developed and unrivalled reputation for providing high-quality innovative products at the right price with an excellent backup service.

  • MEV’s “blinkers off” approach to camper vans have resulted in products now being offered that provide new opportunities in layout, ingenuity, and comfort that have never been seen before.
  • MEV developed a unique “pop-out” which increases an SWB van floor space by a whopping 40%, thus offering levels of versatility only associated with much larger motor homes.
  • MEV offer unparalleled comfort by using a proper mattress, instead of seats that fold flat with joins.
  • MEV’s unique GRP roof system reduces heat loss, drafts, and noise associated with canvas sides.
  • MEV use aircraft grade aluminium for cupboards which is around one-third of the weight of lightweight plywood and is powder coated in a range of durable colours, as bright as you like.

Price list for VW camper van conversion kits.


A unique extension to provide approx. 40% more floor space in a short wheel base VW T5.

This GRP shell is made to order in a range of gel coat colours, hard wearing, a natural insulator and a clever way to simply “pop-out” your bed when needed. It takes about 2 seconds!

Price includes the GRP pod, steel bed frame for mattress with quality ply bed board and all the bolts, hinge plates and knock on edge trim/rubber seal strips and 2 catches for securing the rear doors. We also include the aluminium closing panels for around the door opening. You also get a nifty pair of storage box’s in matching GRP that are used as shelve units in the pop-out section.

The steel fabricated frame simply bolts down to the floor of your van, the bolt holes have been positioned so it is easy to access nuts from under side. The unit is very light and can easily be carpeted on the inside to match your van

The frame comes complete with plates and bolt hardware to hinge open the “Pop-Out”. It is powder coated in gloss black, bed board is normally cut from a sheet of 9 mm ply and mattress is approx. 4 feet wide so standard memory foam or inflatable mattress’s fit just fine.

No more lying on joins that you get with rock n roll beds. The other advantage is that you can leave the bed set up and still have plenty of room to sit at the table and have breakfast, or beers, or both!

With the “Pop-Out” popped in you still have 5 ft of floor space and access to cupboards and kettle!

£1667 plus VAT, which is far less than a decent rock n roll bed but offers much more space and comfort.


A unique roof extending system to provide headroom and space for a 1600 mm long camp bed or bunk bed.

Side windows are included made from polycarbonate, all hinges rivets and rubber trim required to fit this unit are included. Just cut out a hole and 2 roof struts with a jig saw. This will not effect the structure in the same way as traditional elevating roofs that require 4 roof supports to be cut out.

All panels are made from UV stabilised GRP in black, grey, or white. Fibre glass is a natural insulator and so you can be guaranteed drafts, heat loss and noise intrusion are reduced compared to traditional elevating roofs. Security is also improved as we do not use canvas. “Push-up” is very slim and only increases vehicle height by 35 mm, easy to insulate or carpet AND you can still fit roof bars!

£2599 plus VAT, price based on collection from our Mansfield workshop.


Our aluminium cupboard system is by far the lightest on offer in the world. Made from aviation grade 2.0 mm thick Al and powder coated in tough polyester paint. Colour choice is yours. We provide nuts, bolts, rivets/screws/edge trim/engineers double sided tape (for fixing doors) and even cutlery tray. Easy to assemble and fit, pre cut for SMEV 9222 hob/sink/ fridge/Tambour (roller) doors. Price inc all 22 panels inc 9 shelves. These cupboards are for both sides of the van not just one side like nearly all other transporter layouts!

£449 plus VAT, for all offside cupboards and panels, £689 plus VAT for full set inc nearside cupboards, prices based on collection from our Mansfield workshop.

£55 plus VAT per Tambour door kit, up to 3 maybe required.

VW Camper Conversions