Tilting trike, a kit car 3 wheeler. A novel idea was developed here to enable a narrow track vehicle to corner at high speeds due to the centre of gravity being shifted as the vehicle tilts.

This is a real fun trike. When Stuart Mills was commissioned to design this vehicle he discovered that many attempts from various manufacturers had been made to produce a similar vehicle. He invented and patented a tilting system that is manually controlled by the driver/rider and successfully patented the invention. The object of the exercise was to create a stable safe platform on which to perform motorcycle type manoeuvres. The engine was installed behind the driver in the non tilting section driving a differential to the rear wheels. Particular attention was paid to the rear suspension geometry, and a double unequal length wishbone set up was adopted with anti roll bar fitted. An automatic transmission was specially developed so that the driver’s feet are used only for tilting and not gear changing. A motorcycle type twist grip throttle was fitted to the remote type handlebars with two brake levers, one for front and rear. The picture shown is of the grey wooden pattern in part tilt/turn mode. The vehicle was then dismantled to enable moulds to be taken from the pattern to produce the GRP bodywork.