The MEV Replicar is a beautiful classic kit car, with design inspired by the 1959 Aston Martin DBR1.

Five stunning DBR1 racing Aston Martins were built during the 1950’s and two went on to become the most famous racing Astons ever built. Four survive today and the last one sold changed hands for over £20,000,000, making them not only rare but extremely valuable. Owning one is an option limited to only four humans on the planet who are exceedingly privileged and very wealthy. But why let those small matters stop us.

The Replicar is a low cost and easy to build kit, and can certainly stand proud at any Aston Martin event as a homage to the original.

The Replicar has a bespoke fully triangulated space frame chassis covered with a grp (gelcoat coloured) body, doors, bonnet and rear cover panels. The donor car is a Mazda MX5 which can be bought for £200-£500. You can look for an MOT failure with a V5 as normally the sills have rotted and you don’t need those.

The build of this kit requires no welding or specialist skills, it merely requires the unbolting of the MX5 monocoque which is then replaced by MEV’s bespoke chassis. We don’t take the engine out or the gearbox, we just change what is around it.

With plenty of help available from us and from our active and helpful MEV Owner’s Forum, you will never be alone when you build a MEV, and once you have finished there are plenty of places to go and meet up and have some fun with other MEV owners.

The MEV Replicar is a low cost, easy to build kit and is a real show stopping car.

Replicar has a lightweight fully triangulated space frame chassis, built to the highest standards and approved by our structural engineer. It is so much stiffer than the MX5 body shell.

Donor cars can be a 1.6 or 1.8 Mk 1 Mk 2 or Mk 2.5 with VVT engine. There are a huge range of upgrades available on the market to tune your ride. Anything from a set of track brake pads to a full blown supercharged kit to boost your 1.8 engine to 250bhp. Then it will go like a Rocket. All MX5’s have front and rear adjustable tracking and camber so you can tune the handling to suit the road or the track. You can also fit after market shock absorbers with adjustable damping and a choice of spring rates and limited slip diffs are available, in fact quite common.

If you like the idea of joining a race series, we can manufacture an MSA spec roll bar for racing. Standard cars can accommodate drivers from 5’ to 6’3” and there is generous width for large boned drivers too!

The parts retained from the donor car, married together with the Replicar kit will give you everything you need to build your kit.

This means you retain the sub frames, engine, radiator, fuel tank, all the suspension components, steering rack, steering column, brakes, transmission, exhaust system, wiring loom and engine management system, instrument binnacle, gear shift, handbrake and cables, seats and wheels (unless you choose grp ones or buy upgraded wheels). Your kit will come with bespoke chassis, alloy floor, alloy for front bulkhead and rear bulkhead and front centre tunnel (rear centre tunnel is part of the chassis), grp body, doors, bonnet and boot cover, p clips, edge trim, bolt pack to secure chassis to sub frames, and rivets for floor.

The parts from the MX5 which you don’t need, for example, doors, boot lid, seats, wings, wing mirrors, rear light clusters, soft top etc. can be sold on Ebay and doing this will significantly reduce your final build cost.