Exocet Pricing / Options

It’s possible to build the MEV Exocet for as little as £2,395 ex VAT (example, MOT failure MX5 donor bought on Ebay for £250, un wanted spare parts sold on for approx £650, sounds crazy but its true). Demand is higher for spares in the spring. MX5's are cheaper in the autumn. MX5 owners will buy everything from a window switch to a hood and it all helps to drive down the cost of your new toy. Most builders spend more to be fair but remember Exocet is the lowest cost car to build in the world. A new level of Locost, Exocet is a replacement for the old Lotus 7, Caterham, Westfield style cars.

The MEV Exocet is MX5 based with an enormously improved power to weight ratio. It takes only 4 hours to remove the body shell, leaving what we call a “skate” ready to take the MEV chassis, no need to take out the engine, diff or gearbox or suspension. Over a million MX5’s have been sold since 1989, they have excellent dynamics and bullet proof reliability. You don’t see them in scrap yards so you can sell the parts you’re not going to use for more than it cost for the whole car! Opt for a 1.6 (115bhp), or 1.8 (131bhp). MK1, MK2 or 2.5 with even more power. The best bargains are MOT failures in the autumn. Always lots on Ebay. The sale of the parts you don’t need can make a massive difference to the cost of your Exocet. MX5 spares are always in high demand but sell for higher prices in the spring and summer, they fetch more if removed, cleaned and have good photos.

Fully comprehensive kit £2795 plus VAT (reduce the cost by approx. £650 if you sell all unwanted donor parts)


Your kit will come with a bespoke chassis, alloy floor, front bulkhead panels and front folded centre tunnel (rear centre tunnel is part of the chassis), PVC side panels and rear bulkhead, grp bonnet and nose and rear tank cover, 4 grp cycle wings, 4 steel wing mounts, brake pipe, p clips, edge trim, bolt pack, to secure chassis to sub frames, and rivets for the floor. Expanded alloy front grille and a set of vinyl graphics and nose badge are also thrown in. Even self tap screws are included!

LHD spec kit £3450 plus VAT.

Optional Extras (can be ordered separately to the kit, prices exclude VAT)

  • Powder coated chassis black gloss £295 other colours £345.
  • Pair of colour matched GRP seat shells £198.
  • Pair of colour matched GRP seats with steel frames bonded in for MX5 seat runners £249. (£199 without steel frames)
  • Full lighting set including headlights with high/low/sides, front indicators, rear LED indicators/stop/tail/reflectors (for wing mounting). Fog & reverse lights £199.
  • Fly screen £65.
  • Dash pod (black or colour matched) £55.
  • Harness bar (welded to chassis during manufacturing) £128.
  • Laminated glass windscreen and GRP frame £420.
  • Bonnet hinge units per set, also mounts MK1 radiator £48.
  • Stainless steel rear silencer £199.
  • Double front GRP wing in black £249.
  • MSA spec roll bar inc harness bar (welded to chassis during manufacturing) £395.
  • Desk top stainless steel Exocet ornament £5.

Exocet Pricing / Options