Mini caravan, sleeps 2 adults.

Modern teardrop style caravan, ideal to tow behind your campervan.

Designed specifically with the modern camper van in mind, no nod to the past or teardrop in sight but a new concept, a contemporary mini caravan that has so many uses..

Off for the weekend? Where do you put the bikes, and what about the BBQ, the folding sunbeds the picnic table and gazebo?

What about security and the advert to criminals if you strap your kit on a van rack and leave it all on show, instead how about hiding it in a secure GRP shell?

More space and less inconvenience, when you pitch up and set up you can leave the Exopod attached or drag it around the side, it is so very easy to pull, this is amazingly light, no wonder it does not decrease your MPG, it only weighs 150kg!

Bed or table in the van? Don’t worry, leave the table set up for breakfast and sleep in your towable bedroom. Plenty of room for 2 adults, 4 feet wide, 7 feet long and room to sit up in bed without banging your head! Door opening is 28” wide and 35” high.

Ease of towing, guaranteed, notice the clever chassis design that wraps itself around the outside allowing the wheel hubs to create a very low centre of gravity. We tested this at 80mph and even during fairly violent manoeuvres she kept steady, steady as a rock.

Full kit for the home builder excluding wheels tyres (to be supplied by customer to match tow vehicle) £2895 plus VAT.

Fully built and IVA tested, ready to tow away (excluding wheels/tyres) £3999 plus VAT.

Kit includes:

Fully welded and drilled chassis, suspension, hubs bearings grease caps, nuts, bolts, washers, pair of LED light clusters, cable and plug, tow hitch, jockey wheel, wings, wing stays, 18mm ply floor, pair of polycarbonate side windows, high quality UV stabilised GRP body in choice of 10 colours.

Optional extras;

Powder coated chassis choice of colours £285 plus VAT.

Anti slip rubber floor sheet £180 plus VAT.

Roof vent colour matched in GRP £45 plus VAT.

Ask your local VW Transporter dealer for a fully kitted out unit, the only limit is your imaginations, chose a colour for the chassis and a colour for the grp body, a mattress and maybe even interior wall lining, or maybe it the ideal place for the dog in which case you may choose carpet or rubber matting for the floor. Add interior shelves, racks, curtains, coat hooks or even a small TV !