Exoblade, the track day weapon

A bike engine in a light weight exoskeleton chassis, a power to weight ratio of around 500 bhp per ton!

The track day focussed EXOBLADE. A name that relates to

it’s EXOskeleton chassis and the use of a Fire Blade engine. The whole dry car

only weighs just a smidgeon over 400kg so power to weight ratio is a huge, the
demo car is fitted with a power commander that has it’s bhp lifted from 178
standard to 202 which according to my math is a whopping 500 bhp per

Grip is supplied courtesy of a set of RRR’s and weight is kept in check
with the FOX wheels. Seats are carbon fibre from Tillett and brakes are of
course alloy, these are Wilwood. Shocks, well of course they are alloy and kept
out of the airstream with pushrod rears and seesaw fronts, linking to the

No reverse on this one but is offered if required. So too is an MSA spec
roll bar if the customer wishes to show a clean set of heals to other bike
engined cars in a race. Body work is absolutely minimal and that aggressive
front end is, well just menacing, it shouts “get out of my way or I will
penetrate”! Prices are not available yet as the prototype has not been fully
tested and the guys at MEV will only offer what they consider to be a perfected,
tested and proven product