Electric Go-Kart

An electric Go-Kart, perfect for indoor circuits with fumes issues from engines and perfect to keep the "not in my back yard" neighbours mouths shut who have suffered noise from kart engines. Step forward the silent motorsport of E-kart racing.

Stuart Mills was approached in 2008 by a major battery company to look at the feasibility of developing an electric race series. Various vehicles were considered and initially an electric motorcycle was developed, however, the client favoured the second prototype which utilised off the shelf go-kart components. A chassis was designed and fabricated that not only incorporated conventional steering, braking and axles from an F1 style go-kart, but also accommodated a 38 hp electric motor, controller, and a 72 volt 40 amp hour battery pack. Gear ratios were selected and experimented with until the final system was arrived at which limited the top speed to 50 mph but retained brisk acceleration. The vehicle was entered for the Santa Pod Alternative Fuel Race in 2009 and a victory can be claimed, although only partial, as it was the only one of its type. It recorded a standing quarter mile time of 21 seconds but reached its maximum speed of 50 mph in less than 4 seconds.

Now seen as ahead of its time, fast forward to 2018 and electric karts are becoming common place.