MEV Charger

Electric Coupe kit car. Based on an old 80's kit car with a VW floor pan, re styled in most areas by MEV and remained a one off 80mph electric car

The Charger is a modified blast from the past, a crazy car from the 80’s with gull wing doors. It was based on a VW Beetle chassis so it did not require an IVA test. It was classed as a conversion and I was indeed converted, out went the old air cooled engine and in it’s place is a 30 KW electric motor with a lithium yttrium battery pack. Charging is from a home brewed 110v building site transformer and a MEV (BMS) battery management system. Top speed is 90 mph, not Rocket like but fast enough.

Styling was based on a MEVX5 nose that was grafted on to replace the shovel style original front.