Atomic is a single seater, bike engined kit car, described by some as a large go-kart!

The concept was developed to provide the perfect balance, we often hear of cars with a 50-50 front to rear weight distribution but Atomic was 50-50 left to right too.

The Rocket and Trike (tR1ke) designs were successful but I wanted to design a car with the ultimate balance. This was made possible by careful positioning of the tank the battery and radiator but most of all the engine. This was placed where we would normally expect to see a passenger. The engine was orientated with the four cylinders running east west and a drive shaft took the power to the rear mounted differential. Atomic was a drivers car, no room for non paying passengers, this was the perfect track day toy/weapon.‚Äč

A great car to have fun with but no takers for racing and very low sales figures resulted in ceased production at MEV and the project was sold on.