Removing the loom from the MX5

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The entire MX5 loom will be removed from the donor. Label both ends of everything you unplug, this will make your build much easier. If there is something you can't identify then use a numbering or lettering system. It is recommended that you don't try to chop bits out of the loom, any items you aren't using can be cable tied neatly under the bonnet.
The main battery cable that goes through the floor near the rear bulkhead is attached to the PPF and runs to the alternator. This can be left attached whilst removing body if you push the cable through the floor. Ignore the 2 pin plug (white with 2 red wires) next to the hole in the floor, that is just for boot aux power and heated rear window.

REMEMBER to label everything, you will find a couple of plugs that are not used, label these NA or you may find yourself wondering what they are for once transferred to Exocet.


  • And when refitting it, lay it out on top of the car, plug it all in and try firing up the car. At least that way if it doesn't start it's easier to diagnose than if you start chopping the loom and cut some vital cable without realising.
    Only when you're happy the thing fires is it time to painstakingly remove the wrap and tape and start removing all the junk you don't need. But remember, stick to 1 wire at a time and trace it all the way back. It's very easy to pick the wrong strand further back down the loom.

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