What size wheels and tyres for my Exocet?

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Rim Width:

A light car should not have heavy wheels (un sprung weight), 8" wide rims will be heavy.
A 7" (7J) wheel will fit tyres from 195-225.
Standard Exocet cycle wings are for 195 tyres.
Wider ones are available upon request from MEV that take tyres up to 235 wide.

Rim Diameter:

Again, weight is important here, larger wheels can use lower profile tyres to keep the overall diameter in check BUT, rubber band style tyres may look great but they are not going to be as compliant as a smaller rim with a deeper tyre.

Tyre Size:

Example: 195-55 R15 means 195mm width and the side wall height is 55% of the 195. R15 is 15" rim diameter.

Tyre Diameter Examples:

195/55 R15 = 576mm
225/40 R16 = 586mm
205/40 R17 = 596mm

Standard wing stays can accommodate 576 - 596mm diameter tyres but it's getting close to the limit.

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